Welcome to my corner of the web! I am a theoretical ecologist and mathematician. My research interests focus on understanding the feedbacks between community structure, population dynamics, and evolutionary processes. To achieve this understanding, I construct mathematical models and uncover their emergent properties using analytical methods and numerical simulations.

Current projects include understanding (a) how spatial-temporal variation and individual heterogeneity influence population viability, community dynamics, and evolutionary responses, (b) the evolutionary dynamics of invasion and escape, and (c) how feedbacks between ecological and evolutionary processes influence the stability, persistence, and resilience of ecological communities. These projects involve a mixture of (i) rigorous mathematical analysis that involve techniques from dynamical systems, ergodic theory, and stochastic processes, (ii) numerical computations that (when possible) take advantage of mathematical theory, and (iii) model selection when data is available.

I am currently accepting graduate students through the Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics, the Ecology Graduate Group , and the Population Biology Graduate Group. Please contact me if interested.

I serve on the editorial boards of Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems B, Ecology/Ecological Monographs, Journal of Mathematical BiologyTheoretical Ecology, and Theoretical Population Biology.